How To Sweeten Cold Brew Coffee?

Unless you are a die-hard fan of black coffee, you are likely to add sugar or milk to enjoy a bit of sweetness. But there might be a bit issue with cold drinks like cold brew coffee. Instead of fully dissolving, sugar tends to collect at the bottom of the cup. How can you resolve this problem and enjoy your drink? This article will show you several tips on how to sweeten cold brew coffee.

A bit of science with sugar

how to sweeten cold brew coffee

In general, sugar has a high solubility in high temperatures. This means that it can dissolve better in hot water than in cold water.

Hot brew coffee contains quicker-moving elements, which would be spread apart further. As a result, sugar can mix more easily with coffee. At colder temperatures, this ingredient tends to collect on the bottom without sweetening or mixing in the drink. Therefore, you will eventually consume these extra calories without added effects.

So, if you are looking for an effective way to sweeten your cold brew coffee, a liquid sugar can be the answer. Also known as simple syrup or coffee syrup, this is simply a solution of sugar that has been dissolved in boiled water. It features a neutral flavour that can work well with most types of teas and coffees.

You can easily make simple a few simple steps and blend it effortlessly into your coffee, regardless of the temperatures. More importantly, it can be added with spices, herbs, and fruits to create unique flavours and tastes.

How to sweeten cold brew coffee

Below are 4 simple steps to make a liquid sugar and sweeten your cold brew coffee:

Step 1

Mix 2 parts of sugar with 1 part of water in a pan and place over medium heat

Step 2

Thoroughly stir the solution around 10 minutes until sugar dissolves fully.

Step 3

Add one tablespoon of lemon juice to prevent the solidification of the syrup at room temperature

Step 4

Now you can pour the syrup into your cold brew coffee and stir thoroughly to ensure a sweeter taste. You can store the syrup in an airtight container. It would last around 4 to 8 weeks in a dry place at room temperature.

Learn more useful tips and tricks with the following clip:

Cold brew versus hot brew coffee – which is sweeter?

One of the most significant differences between hot brew and cold brew coffee is the natural sweetness.

Cold brew coffee is steeped with room temperature or cool water rather than heated water. This brewing process allows more caffeine to be extracted from the coffee beans. Also, there will be less acidity and bitterness. That’s why you can feel a bit fuller and sweeter in taste when drinking a cold brew coffee.

Depending on your tolerance and type of coffee beans used, the cold brew coffee can be sweet enough without needing added sugar or sweeteners.

More importantly, the long steeping process, which lasts around 12 to 24 hours, creates a smoother texture. All in all, cold brew coffee can be a better option for those who want to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Alternative options to sweeten cold brew coffee

In addition to sugar syrup, there are many other simple ways to sweeten cold brew coffee, ranging from natural extracts and spices to artificial sweeteners. Let’s take a look at some simple options to ramp up your drink’s sugary twist:

1. Nitrogen

A fun way to sweeten cold brew coffee without sugar is to use nitrogen or N2. This chemical element naturally has a sweet taste. When you infuse it with the coffee, the drink will become smoother and sweeter. This process can be done with the help of a whipped cream dispenser.

2. Honey

how to sweeten cold brew coffee

Honey is probably one of the most popular sweeteners for coffee and tea. There is a variety of flavour profiles to choose from, including clover honey, tupelo honey, and wildflower honey. In addition to its sweetness, this ingredient can provide many health benefits thanks to the presence of many powerful antioxidants. Honey is in the liquid form, so it can perfectly blend well with your cold brew coffee.

3. Molasses

Molasses features a deep and bold flavour. Like honey, it is a natural liquid sweetener, making it simple to add in cold brew coffee.

4. Agave nectar

Another natural sweetener to try is agave nectar. Its taste lies somewhere between molasses and honey.

5. Fruits

Whether it is in pureed or juice form, fruits would be a natural and flavourful way to sweeten your cold brew coffee. There is a variety of options to meet your personal tastes as well.

6. Corn syrup

High-fructose corn syrup, simply known as corn syrup, is commonly used as a sweetener in many canned or bottled coffees. You can use it to sweeten cold brew coffee. However, it is not the best option due to some controversial effects on health.

7. Artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are popular in people with diabetes or sugar sensitivities or calorie-counters. They are most suitable for strong-tasting coffees. However, it is advisable to use in moderation to reduce the risk of diabetes and obesity.

Sugar recommended daily intake

As with many other things in life, less is more when it comes to sweetening cold brew coffee. Many studies have shown the harmful effects of sugar and artificial sweeteners on our body. They provide calories without added nutrients and may damage the metabolism over time. Consuming too much sugar can increase the risk of many health issues, including obesity, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.

If you are adding too much sugar to your morning coffee, try restricting the amount or switch to healthier options. According to healthcare experts, the maximum daily intake of sugar are 9 teaspoons or 37.5 grams for men and 6 teaspoons and 25 grams for women. If you are susceptible to heart disease and diabetes, it is better to avoid this ingredient as much as possible.

The bottom line

A cold brew coffee is already tasty and flavorful, but a bit of sweetness can even be better. By adding sugar, syrup, or honey, you would easily upgrade your drink and satisfy your cravings. But keep in mind that moderation is key to prevent possible health issues.



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