How To Make Black Tea Taste Better {9 Additives}

Everyone has a preference for how they like their tea. As for me, black tea with no milk tickles my fancy. And a cold beverage only makes it worse.

Therefore, I have always enjoyed a cup of black tea like no other in the morning until recently, when I tasted a cup of unsweetened tea. Oh boy! I was surprised by the bitterness.

Most people stick to their preferences because it is all they have always known. A cup of black tea in the morning works wonders on your mood, and it gives you the energy you need to push through the day.

But what if you could make it better? What to add to black tea?

Well, you could try using additives, which will not only make it sweeter but will also add other health benefits.

So if you’ve been wondering how to make your black tea to make it taste better, here you go.

1. Ginger

Ginger shares a very long-standing friendship with black tea. It is one of the ancient and most famous flavors for black tea.

When you add ginger to your black tea, you end up with a spicy and fresh flavor for your cup of tea.

What’s more? Ginger will not only make your cup of black tea taste better, but it will also come with a ton of other health benefits.

For instance, if you have an upset stomach, adding ginger in your tea can help to resolve the issue. It also works wonders on your digestive system.

So how do you add ginger to your tea to get the best results?

To get the most out of it, you should use fresh ginger. While brewing black tea takes about 3 minutes of steeping, ginger will require more time to release the entire flavor.

As such, as you heat the water and before you add your black tea, you should grate a thumb of peeled ginger into the hot water. An inch of ginger is enough to make a cup of tea. The more ginger you use, the spicier your tea becomes, which might be overwhelming.

Allow the ginger to steep for about 5 minutes before you add black tea. When your tea is ready, use a strainer to remove the pieces of ginger in the drink.

2. Flower Petals

Yes, that’s right! You can use flower petals to make your black tea even tastier.

The most common flowers to be used with black tea include rose petals and rosebuds.

Note, the petals and buds have a pretty strong smell. As such, you should be sure you are comfortable with the strong scent of the roses before you can add it to your tea. However, rose buds and petals promise you a refined flavor for your black tea.

Alternatively, you can also use lavender or cherry blossoms, which also offer a sweet flavor for your brew. The oil in the flower petals offers both a strong smell and a rich taste.

Unlike ginger, you should add flower petals to the water at the time you add the black tea leaves. Thus, you will get a soft taste from the fresh petals.

Ensure that you use dried petals when making your tea.

3. Lemon

How do you like the malty taste in black tea? Unpleasant, right?

Well, worry no more, as just a piece of lemon is enough for you.

If you twist a slice of lemon, it releases lemon oil, which works wonders in lifting the malty taste of the black tea.

You can also use lemon juice, although it might be uncomfortable for people with stomach ulcers or acid reflux.

Additionally, lemon offers Vitamin C, which has many health benefits for the body, which include managing blood pressure, reducing the risk of chronic diseases, lowering the risk of heart disease, among others.

4. Fruits

If you wish to lift the taste of black tea without trying too much, then sweet fruits are the way to go. We are talking of fruits such as pineapples, mangoes, papaya, and so on.

As a rule, you should use slices of the fruits that are already dried to achieve the best results. If you use fresh fruits with hot black tea, you may end up with an odd taste that you will not enjoy. Dried fruits, on the other hand, only release their flavors to black tea.

A teaspoon of dried fruits is enough for a cup of black tea. Alternatively, you can buy tea leaves that are already blended with the sweet fruits.

5. Milk

Until recently, I didn’t enjoy milk in my tea. However, a cup of black tea without milk is a big NO for me nowadays. And I can bet I am not alone in this.


Milk adds some smoothness in black tea, which makes it irresistible. Additionally, milk has a large variety of health benefits which include:

  • Milk contains calcium, which is essential for maintaining healthy bones and teeth.
  • It also contains potassium, which helps to maintain healthy blood pressure.
  • Vitamin A which boosts the immune system and also helps to keep glowing skin and normal vision
  • It also has vitamin B12, which ensures that you have healthy red blood cells and nerve tissues.
  • Phosphorus which helps to generate energy and strengthen your bones
  • Milk also contains proteins which are a rich source of energy and comes in handy in repairing muscle tissues

However, note that not all black tea is drunk with milk. The Assam, English breakfast and masala chai can be drunk with milk. However, Nilgri and Earl Grey aren’t ideal with milk.

6. Honey

Black tea additives

Are you looking for the perfect cup of tea that will leave you wanting more? That is the magic that only honey can perform on your cup of black tea.

Honey changes the taste of the tea from bitter to sweet within a short time. That is part of the reason why honey has been a popular tea additive for years.

Honey also adds to the health benefits offered by black tea.

For instance, it has a soothing effect on your throat. It also has other healing properties, such as easing the digestive system, preventing cancer, lowering the risk of getting heart disease, regulating blood pressure, among many others.

7. Cinnamon

If you have an active life, caffeine in the black tea helps to jumpstart your morning. For more activating effects, you should add cinnamon to your cup. It will facilitate your blood flow, making you more active.

Additionally, cinnamon adds some spicy taste to your drink, making it more enjoyable.

A few leaves of peppermint will help you in making a whole pitcher of black tea. Mint gives your black tea a fresh taste.

Peppermint is versatile and comes with antioxidants which turn it from being just a refreshment. It contains many health benefits, which include increased alertness and mood, glowing skin, and improved memory. It also relaxes muscles and helps in sleeping, among others.

8. Vanilla and chocolate

You can also enhance the taste of your black tea by adding vanilla or chocolate. Vanilla makes your cup of black tea smoother and silkier.

On the other hand, chocolate gives your black tea a better taste and also helps to boost your energy and alertness as it also contains caffeine.

9. Ice cream

You are probably wondering how this could work. Adding ice cream to your cup of black tea may seem odd, but it works wonders. Ice cream makes your black tea yummy, and you cannot resist the temptation to have more.

Final thoughts

episode 4 GIF

You do not have to struggle with the malty taste of black tea any longer.

You can add some of these sweeteners, which will not only make it sweeter but will also add to its health benefits.

You now have a list of ten different additives that you could try out. So, why don’t you try each of them and choose the one you love best? Whatever you land on, you are sure to have a better-tasting cup that comes equipped with more health benefits.



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