How To Make Turkish Coffee Without An Ibrik?

Are you feeling bored with the same taste and flavour of coffee every day? Then it’s time to try a new formula. Loaded with a very fine grind and extracted from the Arabica beans, Turkish coffee has gained widespread popularity all over the world. It is famous not only for the strong taste but also for the special techniques of preparation and serving.

In traditional methods, an ibrik is needed to brew Turkish coffee. But it is not easy to find this special tool in the US or UK. So, what should you do? Don’t worry. This article will show you how to make Turkish coffee without an ibrik. Let’s get started!

What is an ibrik?

One thing that makes Turkish coffee different from other forms is probably the unique process of brewing. It requires a special pot called cezve or ibrik. This a small item with a wide bottom and a long handle coming off of one side, usually at an upward angle.

Ibriks can be found in a variety of sizes, ranging from a single-serving brewer that can hold several millilitres all the way up to a large unit for serving many people at the same times. They are one of the most important parts that ensure the strong taste of Turkish coffee.

Not to mention, many people around the world use them as beautiful and aesthetic culinary decorations thanks to complicated and meticulous details.

How to make Turkish coffee without an ibrik

how to make Turkish coffee without an ibrik

Necessary equipment and ingredient

  • Coffee
  • A cup
  • A spoon
  • Sugar (optional)

In general, the basic processes to make Turkish with and without an ibrik are quite similar. Below are some simple steps that you can follow:

Step 1

Prepare whole coffee beans and grind them to a highly fine consistency. Ideally, the ground coffee beans should look like a fine powder.

Step 2

Put coffee beans and water into a cup. Make sure you use a cup that would endure high temperatures. The recommended ratio is around 30 millilitres of water to 2.5 grams of coffee. The exact amounts depend on your servings and the cup size. You can add more coffee if you want a stronger taste and vice versa.

Step 3

Add sugar if you want. Otherwise, stir the ingredients evenly with a spoon until they become mixed well together. Avoid filling the cup to the top because it would lead to a mess when you boil the mixture in a stove

Step 4

Place the cup on a heat source. The temperature is important in controlling how well your coffee can steep. A useful tip is to begin with a low flame and then gradually increase the heat to the medium level.

Step 5

Once the coffee starts to foam and almost spills over the cup, you should remove it quickly from the oven. Let it sit for a couple of seconds until the foam settles. Do not wait until the mixture is completely boiled because the oil extraction can occur at the same time with heat, which eventually reduces the flavour of the coffee.

Step 6

Once the foam in the cup has settled, put the cup back over the oven with medium heat and repeat the previous step. Many people often repeat step 6 one more time. However, this is not really necessary.

Step 7

Now, your Turkish coffee is done! In most cases, this type of coffee is often served in a small espresso mug. But you can enjoy it from any cup as long as you do not concern about the traditional way. It is recommended that you should wait at around 60 seconds after pouring the coffee into the cup so that the sediments can settle on the bottom. Did you know that some people read them?

Do you really need an ibrik to make Turkish coffee?

how to make Turkish coffee without an ibrik

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. It totally depends on your personal preferences.

For those people who love an authentic method and want to enjoy the cultural aspect of brewing Turkish coffee, an ibrik is an indispensable part.

Traditionally, this type of coffee is made by resting a small ibrik in a shallow put loaded with sand. A fire under this unit can distribute the heat evenly. With skilful makers, they can move or lift an ibrik on the right time to ensure all ingredients can dissolve and blend perfectly with the coffee.

Making Turkish coffee with a cup or a small saucepan as an alternative might take away the control we typically have over some boiling components and levels of foam in an ibrik. This can be explained by the typical thin and talk shape of this tool.

Nevertheless, if you are confident with your skills and do not really concern about authenticity, then it is not a big deal to proceed and enjoy this special type of coffee right at the comfort of your home.


As you can see, it is still possible to make a flavorful cup of Turkish coffee without having an ibrik. The basic steps are almost exactly the same, except for the pot being used. But if you want to enjoy a more authentic experience, then consider investing in a good ibrik. It is, of course, a matter of personal preferences.

We hope you find this guide helpful and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Enjoy your coffee!



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